Independent distributor

The most beautiful varieties in Europe

Independent distributor

GRAINES VOLTZ is the French leader and one of the first independent European distributors of flower and vegetable seeds for professionals, market gardeners and horticulturists, but also for local authorities and private individuals.

RAINES VOLTZ grossiste auprès des professionnels de l’horticulture, et du maraîchage

Since it was set up in 1985, the family group headed by its founder, Serge Voltz, has expanded rapidly and will employ over 600 people in 2023. With its 31,000 product references, GRAINES VOLTZ offers a unique variety of products distributed on the European market. This wide range of products explains the company’s success with short distribution channel professionals. GRAINES VOLTZ acts as a wholesaler for its more than 25,000 customers in the horticulture, nursery and market gardening sectors.

Its main asset: always knowing how to cultivate its difference :

  • develop your listening skills,
  • strengthening its capacity for innovation,
  • provide the best possible response to market expectations, emerging trends and the growing needs of European consumers for quality plants from short distribution channels.

GRAINES VOLTZ, ambassador of new genetics

vegetable and flower breeding programmes, as well as the most promising innovations, the most original products and the best varieties of the moment. In 2016, GRAINES VOLTZ acclimatised four sweet potato varieties available as organic seedlings from healthy mother plants grown in France. Following a rigorous process and a series of validations, these products are now available to professionals and consumers.

Today, GRAINES VOLTZ is the ambassador for genetics never before seen in Europe, such as Impatiens Sunpatiens, a shade plant resulting from a cross with an Indonesian species that can now grow in full sun. The company has democratised access to rare varieties for the general public, gradually establishing itself as the leading distributor of young plants on the continent.

GRAINES VOLTZ, ambassadeur de génétiques inédites
Graines Votz : Accompagner la réussite des clients professionnels

Supporting the success of professional customers

Its ambition is to support the success of its professional customers by providing them with the solutions best suited to their markets and their own customers, such as urban agriculture or Vertical Farming for example.

In addition, a rigorous organisation allows GRAINES VOLTZ to identify upstream the varieties that best meet emerging consumer needs, to ensure just-in-time distribution as well as rigorous traceability and quality control.

Alsatian legitimacy

GRAINES VOLTZ benefits from an important asset: the image of a local company, proud of its roots, its values and the Alsatian reputation for rigour, consistency and reliability. The company carries out its activity with loyalty, competence and respect for commitments in order to bring confidence and security to its customers. Over the years, it has built up a strong reputation with its customers.

Thanks to the quality of its production, which favours products of European origin, the largest French cities, including the city of Paris, use their seeds.