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GRAINES VOLTZ is the French leader and one of the first independent European distributors of flower and vegetable seeds for professionals, market gardeners and horticulturists, but also for local authorities and private individuals.

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Graines Voltz :

Our activities

VOLTZ Horticulture

VOLTZ HORTICULTURE offers throughout the year a wide range of flowers and vegetables for cities, gardens and private balconies and terraces. These products are intended for professionals: horticulturists, nurserymen, landscapers, private and public communities. See more

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Our activities

VOLTZ Maraîchage

VOLTZ MARAÎCHAGE selects, develops and distributes the best varieties of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers in France and Europe. These products are intended for professional vegetable growers. Our products, both organic and conventional, are suitable for all traditional or emerging production methods (open ground, shelters, greenhouses, substrates, hydroponics, aeroponics, vertical farming, urban agriculture, etc.) and for all marketing channels (short, long, processing). See more

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Voltz Maraichage



Presentation of half-year results 2020-2021

Strategic positioning in promising markets. Double-digit organic growth trend. Double-digit organic growth trend.

Press release

11Jan 2022
2022 Financial Communication calendar
15Dec 2021
Strong growth in business and profitability in 2020/2021
13Dec 2021
GILBERT DUPONT and TRADITION initiate coverage of Graines Voltz
04Nov 2021
Revenue growth in 2020/21 close to 40%


Every year, the Summer Trials held in Brain-sur-l’Authion (49) offer a real life-size catalog of fruits and vegetables to visit.

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Carrying the CSR approach high

Graines Voltz publishes its first Extra-Financial Performance Statement.


In the following pages, we will discuss the major issues that animated 2020 and the reasons behind our ambitions for 2021.

3rd quarter sales

Nine-month revenues: +42%. Annual target confirmed and solid outlook for 2022.

Strong growth in business and profitability in 2020/2021

Organic production

Continuous growth in demand

The Covid-19 crisis has had a profound impact on consumer behaviour. In particular, it has amplified an already strong and growing demand for organic products as well as for locally grown and distributed varieties in short circuits.

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