VOLTZ Maraîchage

The most beautiful varieties in Europe

Vegetables, herbs and spices

A growing market

VOLTZ Maraîchage selects, develops and distributes the best varieties of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers in France and Europe. These products are intended for professional vegetable growers. Our products, both organic and conventional, are suitable for all traditional or emerging production methods (open ground, shelters, greenhouses, substrates, hydroponics, aeroponics, vertical farming, urban agriculture, etc.) and for all marketing channels (short, long, processing).

Voltz Maraichage

Our evolving and diversified ranges are in line with the needs of our customers and the evolution of our markets. They include varieties that combine taste quality, robustness, productivity and originality. With more than 2,000 seed varieties, including 600 organic varieties, our offer is completed by a wide range of market garden plants in France.